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When Tourette's Attacks

So today I ended up on my face at work. The one order gun has a chirp that always sets me off, and after being at the Mendham walk I was already a little bit ...extra jerky. So the order gun set me off and i was vocal hell for about an hour... and one of the idiots I work with asked me if it was like the hiccups, if a good scare would make them stop. I said NO. Absolutely Not....it's more like needing to sneeze.... so I thought it was all done and forgotten... they were antognizing me, and making it carry on longer than I wanted it too ... and I did end up crying because they'd not just stop ...but I figured I can put up with that crap
...well, I was wrong...After one of the kitchen girls came back and we made dirty jokes about me "humping the table" and she said it looked like I have Tourette's (and then I said I did... and she didn't believe me either until I held out my TSA wallet cards) ...once again I figured the worst was over
About an hour later while I'm still barking, chirping, squeaking, squealing and everything else she comes up behind me, screams my name in my ears and grabs my sides... I jump out of my skin, fall into a rack and end up having a full tilt attack on the floor of the bakery ...it passed eventually ... I cursed the hell out of the girl and went back to work as crappy as I could ...but I made it through the last little bit of the day.
All they could say is that they didn't think I was serious. Idiots. All the stupid "Advocacy" and "education" in the world can't help people as stupid and worthless as that. This is why I don't bother prostituting myself out for the sake of "Awareness" you can't teach people like that, and it's not my job to bother. Too much stress for me.
My manager knows how all of this works and was great with me about all of it ... and the idiot who did this to me not cant even look me in the face even though I said we're cool and we'll never talk about it again.


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