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So happy

I have Mastocytosis... I go anaphylactic too easy and with the recall things have been insane and scary... It's been a week and Ive not had funtional pens with me ... I got them yesterday at the food store near my moms after TKD. So happy to feel like I'm safe again ... I only have 2 of them, but thats more than I had before...and thank god there was no Copay!! Ive never had that happen... they're always so much money and it always sucks so much because I need new ones every year. But this was pretty cool that even with all the stress and everything else ... but I got them. I'm even getting a new strap for my Epipen purse because it broke and I sent them proof that it broke ... so thats kinda cool.

not much I really really want to report for now. I have so very, very much I want to say and I just don't have the words to do it... so I talk about Epipens and other crap like that ... because talking about the things that cause my soul to bleed horribly... I don't have the words to make them make sense. All I know is that my soul has such pain in it ... Eventually it'll pass

After the past week of knowing my lifeline was defective and they might not work I feel so much better now. If i didnt keep calling around i kight still gevwaiting! So happy that I've got my bag from #epiessentials restocked with fully functional #epipens #benadryl #inhalers and everything else! #epipenssavelives #mastocytosis #anaphylaxis

I only had to drive 44 minutes to get them! Thank god they were in stock anywhere in driving distance. I was so scares without them.  #epipen #mastocytosis #anaphylaxis #aviqrecall #allergies

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